Celebrate Earth Day Today!

Thankfully Google has their logo tricked out on almost every important day in the calendar year. Today's Google logo image looks like this:

That's right, April 22nd is Earth Day! The best way to celebrate is to be good to the Earth by conserving resources better, planting trees and trying to recycle appropriately. The Monetizer participated in the Earth's Dark hour last month, where lights were shut off for just 1 hour in an energy conservation effort. That's yet another way to celebrate, you could try reducing your electricity consumption today for an hour, or two, or as much as the entire day...It will go a long way to helping the place we all love to reside on and Make Money off of!

Here's some suggestions for how to celebrate Earth Day:

    Plant some trees or flowers outside (on your own property).

    Wash your clothes in cold water.

    Hang your clothes out to dry on a line instead of using the dryer.

    Turn off lights or unnecessary appliances. Or try to go without them today!

    Adjust your thermostat up or down 1 degree based on the temp outside.

    Considering a new car? Go for an eco friendly model!

    Walk, bike, or commute somewhere instead of driving the car.

    Return recyclable soda or beer bottles. - This may make you some money, depending where you live at!

No matter where you live or how you celebrate, keep it real green today and appreciate the home planet!

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