Adsense is Ready to Feed...

Well almost...Google Adsense has added even more ways to profit from its highly-used monetization service! Now Adsense can be integrated into your blog or website's feeds. Upon logging into my Adsense account I discovered you have to wait in order to use this new monetization strategy. You do have an option to burn a brand new feed, but if you're already using a service like Feedburner, you don't want to lose subscribers if the transfer goes awry.

A note from Google states:

Google will soon provide a self-service process to migrate from an account on the original FeedBurner website to a Google Account. We have temporarily paused processing of new manual migration requests; we are working doggedly through the initial queue of requests and will re-open account migration services as soon as the first batch is completed.

(If you have already submitted a migration request, please look for an email response from Google once your migration has completed).

This is still great news as it adds more potential for profit off your blog! The Monetizer had experimented with Bidvertiser's feed system but experienced very little in profit. I'm expecting better things to come now that Google can integrate its ads into some of my blog feeds. One blog enjoys a subscriber base of close to 500 readers! Imagine the possibilities!

You can stay updated with Google's progress and their new feed Ads by logging into your Adsense account, choose "Adsense Setup" and go from there!

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