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What I like most is that just having friends and family sign up for the free social network/news site, you get payed. The site is alot like Digg, except for just one thing: Digg takes your time, while Ximmy gives you money for your time and effort.

Albeit just 50 cents a head, you still profit from this site just by getting referrals to sign up. You also profit by being a member who comments and submits content to Ximmy.

I'd recommend all online moneymakers give this site a try, otherwise you're leaving money on the table!

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People Search with Spock.com!

Most Trekies will see the website name and immediately assume it has to do with their beloved Sci-Fi TV hero, the pointy-eared extra-intelligent Vulcan character, Mr. Spock. However, Spock.com - A Great Place for Search is in fact an intelligent search engine which helps you find people. Just by typing in a name, email, location or other info you can begin your search. (No stalkers please) You could search for a long lost friend, Brazilian models, your new neighbor, or even Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy).

Spock.com acts not just as a search engine for people, but also an online network where you can add your trusted friends, family and others, or add new connections made from friends on Spock (similar to Myspace's concept). You can modify any existing info Spock has on you as well, to ensure that anyone searching you is not being mislead by the info. The way Spock does its powerful people search is by searching for information on biography pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, and also directories. The Spock community network also has members contributing information to help with the search experience. Registered members of the site can add tags, pictures, and web links or even vote on any existing information to increase its relevance. The contribution system will help greatly in being able to find people online. In fact this tool could become quite useful for tracking down long-lost siblings or even missing children, if it builds to that level of membership.

mr spock on spock com

Above: The Monetizer's search on Spock for Mr. Spock

The Monetizer decided to boldly go for a Mr. Spock search. As you can see, it provides a recent photo, pictures, news, Wikipedia entry, IMDB entry, and several sites that specifically feature Spock. Not to confuse things, but Mr. Spock is not an official spokesperson for Spock.com. It just made logical sense to search for him on their site.

Here's a look at Spock.com's Top 10 Searches (as of 3.31.08)

    1.Astronaut Hall of Fame
    3.Model Actress
    4.100 Most Powerful Women
    5.Glastonbury Festival
    6.Entertainment Law
    7.Video Blogger
    9.Human Rights Activist
    10.Champion Surfer

Sky's the limit for searches on this Beta search engine. Spock.com is a powerful site capable of helping people with things such as locating long-lost family members, gathering info on celebrities or historical figures for reports, and just general info assembly on people. Even though it's still in Beta, Spock.com is a great place for search and I recommend adding it to your bookmarked favorites today. You don't have to be a registered member to use the powerful search, but it will help for your own personal info, even marketing yourself, your website(s) and your blog! Just like the big "G" you can download or install a Spock.com browser search bar for your internet browser, making searches even easier to perform.

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