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Soon The Monetizer will see another affiliate check for the Ximmy.com site!

What I like most is that just having friends and family sign up for the free social network/news site, you get payed. The site is alot like Digg, except for just one thing: Digg takes your time, while Ximmy gives you money for your time and effort.

Albeit just 50 cents a head, you still profit from this site just by getting referrals to sign up. You also profit by being a member who comments and submits content to Ximmy.

I'd recommend all online moneymakers give this site a try, otherwise you're leaving money on the table!

Ximmy guarantees you get paid once you hit $25 and it goes to your Paypal immediately on the first of the following month!

So don't leave money on the online table...Sign up at XIMMY -Get Paid!

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