I'm Buying Eva Longoria on eBay!

ebay eva longoria The Monetizer figures that giving back is a great thing to do when you have the money for it. Some deals are also too good to pass up. So that's why I made it my diehard goal to win eBay's Meet Eva Longoria Auction today. It's for a great cause and she's one foxy housewife from Wisteria Lane, so the money's not an issue. I'd rather meet her than Duran Duran, which eBay is also offering...

If anything, it means I'll be spending my $10,000 or so wisely for a date with Mrs. Longoria-Parker, wife of the NBA Superstar, Tony Parker. I'll probably take her for a spin in my brand new Porsche to my beachfront home, then we can sip John Chow Cola under the stars....After I wine and dine Eva and tell her how I make money online, she'll leave her hubby in a heartbeat, and he'll be green with envy.

.....And if you believe this deal's really going down, I have a bridge and some magic beans to sell you!!...In all seriousness folks, it's April Fools day, so that was all in good fun..but the auction is real and for a serious cause. 100% of Proceeds Benefit EB Medical Research Foundation on behalf of Ken Paves Salon & BIG GIVE (Oprah's new show about giving).

So if you want to drop some dough on a visit with Eva, she's ebay Item number: 170206529197. The best news is the shipping on Eva is absolutely free, at an expedited flat rate! You must be a pre-approved bidder to win her though.

(Note: This auction is not a joke, but the Monetizer's plan to win it are!)

Happy April Fools Day!

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