Google Adsense Got You Down? Try These 5!

Like many other bloggers I've noticed a significant recent drop in Google Adsense click payouts. My best guess is this reduction comes due to the "Google Smart pricing" or even the poor economy. It could be a sign of advertisers cutting back on spending, and it makes you wonder if it will hurt the big G come stock report time. It makes for a great case to implement other advertising and money making ideas in the interim though. So what other alternatives could you use if Google earnings have taken a dip?

Here's 5 programs to consider:

1 - ShoppingAds - Places eBay style ads on your site. Get paid per click and per action (such as ebay signups and auctions). Minimum payout is $50, so it may take a while to see your first check, depending how you implement it.

2 - WidgetBucks - Puts animated widgets on your site. Allows for different payout based on visitors to your site from US or outside. Like ShoppingAds, minimum payout is $50, so it may take a while to see your first check, depending how you implement it.

3 - Amazon Associates - Get paid commission/referral fee if someone goes to Amazon through a link you've provided on your site, and buys something.

4 - Linkshare or Commission Junction - Affiliate programs which offer all sorts of lead and commission payments. For example, if someone joins Netflix or Gamefly through your link, you are given anywhere from $7 to $15. CJ's minimum payout is $25.

5 - Alternates to Adsense (Yahoo, Bidvertiser) - if you have multiple sites why not experiment on a site that doesn't perform as well with Adsense. Try Bidvertiser as it gives you a lower minimum before payout ($10).

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Those are 5 alternatives to experiment with if you've seen a drop in recent Adsense money. The first two, ShoppingAds and Widgetbucks give you click payout just as Adsense, and they can be run in addition to it. The #5 choices should be used carefully as they replace Adsense and may end up paying you less. But it's always smart to keep a few other moneymakers going, just in case. Experimentation will help your blog keep going along as a business, even when Google (or the economy) seems to be slumping quite a bit. And of course, if you have the time, try paid article writing (AssociatedContent, PayPerPost, ReviewMe) or Cash Crate surveys.

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