Hit 777 EC's with the Monetizer!

slot machine monetizer 777 It's time for the first official contest here at The Monetizer! You may have seen all those "Win 500", "Win 750" and even "Win 1,000" Entrecard credit contests, but this has a different "spin" to it. Since the Monetizer used to be much more of a gambler, this contest has a casino theme. One of the best things you can achieve in a casino is hitting 7-7-7 on a slot machine. It usually brings quite the payout! Now here you can hit the Triple 7 on the Monetizer's slot machine, giving you 777 Entrecard credits to spend up!

It's quite easy to enter, there's 3 ways:

    1) Blog about the contest (2 entries) - Make sure in your post that you provide the 2 links: 1 back to this blog (with "make money online" as the text), 1 back to the contest post. Here's an example you could use:

    That cool character the Monetizer blogs about ways to make money online. Now he is also giving you the chance to win 777 Entrecard credits over at his blog! Check out the "Hit 777 EC's with the Monetizer" contest for all the details!

    Also, provide that blog post's link here as a comment or email me it!

    2) Subscribe to Email Updates (1 entry) - make sure to comment here that you're subscribed this way.

    3) Subscribe to RSS feed (1 entry) - Please comment with a link to a screenshot showing the RSS feed on your reader, or email me it at monetizer@myway.com.

Confused yet? Me too :) That's a total of 4 entries, should you choose all 3 ways to enter! Make sure to email me or comment with your links to let me know how you've entered!

The contest will end February 1st, 2008 and the winner will be chosen at random amongst all the entries. As a rule, I'd like there to be at least 10 entrants. It's never fun to win a contest when it's just 2 people! Plus I know there's at least 10 people on Entrecard who want those 777 credits to spend!

So start entering, tell your friends and strike it rich with The Monetizer!


SEO Rob said...

I subscribed via RSS. Thank you for the opportunity to win the big money!


C-Squared said...

subscribed via email

ciscomatisse (at) gmail (dot) com

good luck!

The Monetizer said...

Thanks folks..good luck in the contest!

evelester said...

subscribed both by Email and regular- email sent! Thanks!


evelester said...




Zoran said...

Subscribed via email.


aztekh [at] gmail.com

ang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaklang said...

Since this post is so close to my niche at heart. I'm all in baby.

I subscribed via email. I will win it all muahahahaahha.


Anonymous said...

Great giveaway!

blogged ya:


IndoConsoles said...

i subscribed via email.
Here my post :

The Monetizer said...

Thanks to everyone who's entered so far. I'll be providing some link love back to all the sites of those who entered, once the winner is announced. Good luck!

br3adman said...

I should win this puppy


info said...

subscribed via email

forums at playthere dot com
entrecard registered

Asif said...

subscribed Via RSS.


Sarah Rebecca said...

I subscribed via e-mail {mellayella98 (at) yahoo (dot) com} and I also posted about it in my blog:


Emiliana said...

I've subcribed to your email and posted contest blogs at:



The Monetizer said...

Thanks to all entrants!

info - I'm not sure who you are and haven't seen an email from anyone of that name :) email me at

emiliana - I gave you 3 entries, 1 for subscribing to email, 2 for your blog post.

thanks again!

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