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On its face many people might look at Agloco thinking it's one of those internet scams, or a pyramid scheme. However, a closer look at the Agloco system shows that it could actually provide you a nice extra bit of cash.

Agloco works on a simple premise. You sign yourself up and then download/install a Viewbar. You are then credited for every 5 hours a month you surf the web (at a rate determined by Agloco's pay scale). You also can refer friends to Agloco and then they can refer their friends. You get credit for everyone who signs up through you and surfs the web (as long as they have downloaded and are using the Viewbar from Agloco). So the more the merrier, and the more people who you have signed up with Agloco, the more money you and they can make. It's a win win situation for all involved with no fees to pay. You won't receive Spam either.

After you've signed up for Agloco, you download and install a free "viewbar" which rests at the bottom of your screen. You can choose to sign in and have the view bar running under your web browser, or you can close it and exit it so its not there (the Viewbar must be open and running for you to get credit for surfing the web 5 hours). It's a rather simple and non-intrusive addition. It also features a built in Google search box so you can search the web from your desktop, something that can come in handy. The beauty of Agloco is you are credited for 5 hours of internet use each month, so once you've reached your 5 hours, if you choose to, you don't have to have the Viewbar open any more. You also receive credit for any of the friends who have signed up through you, when they surf using the Viewbar on their computer. A pretty cool idea, why not get paid just to surf the internet? Not tough work at all.

So what's the catch? There is none. Agloco is a free service to sign up for and use. Agloco makes its money from advertising, and then they are able to pay their members. They dont spam you or pester you with pop-up ads either. So sign up and refer some friends and you're on your way to a relatively simple way of making money. (Make sure to check out their FAQ's and other info, as it is always good to be educated on a site's policies and money making specifics).

Sign up for Agloco today and get paid to surf the web!

- The Monetizer

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