The Winner of 777 EC's is...

Drumroll please..We have a winner in the first ever contest here at The Monetizer blog. This is the contest to giveaway 777 Entrecard credits to one lucky winner. And the winner is...

Laura Williams Musings!

Congrats to Laura, you'll be hearing from me to receive your 777 credits with Entrecard!

Thanks to all otherwho hentered! Here's some link love for those of you I could provide links for! If you're listed below without a link and want a link to your blog, just drop me a line here, or contact me: monetizer[at]myway[dot]com

SEO Rob - Increase Online Traffic
Evelester - DillyDesigns.com
Laura Williams' Musings
br3adman (clint) - PromoMaker
asif - Youth Cocktail
sarah rebecca - This is Not My Bag of Sunshine
emiliana - Bizpreneur Blog

(If your name/link is not listed above and you entered, please contact)

Congrats again to Laura, don't spend all those 777 EC's in one place! (Well actually you will have to spend them through EntreCard)

(Note: The first winner drawn didn't seem to have Entrecard or a real blog entry...So a winner was drawn randomly for a second time at MathGoodies.com)


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

Hello I just entered before I have to leave to the airport, it's been very nice to meet you, if you want here is the site I told you about where I type some stuff and make good money (I work from home): here it is

The Monetizer said...

You're welcome and congrats again Laura! Feel free to spend the EC's here any time :)

Barb thanks for stopping by as well, I was wondering about the billion dollar typing biz :)

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