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The following is a sponsored blog post. If you currently use a free blog platform, the biggest recommendation someone might tell you is to purchase a domain and hosting. It sounds like a broken record, but you'll have more control over your blog than if you are using someone else's service. It may also sound hypocritical as this blog runs on blogspot.com. The Monetizer has several blogs in the work and is looking to decide on a good web hosting choice for 2 or 3 of those blogs.

Many people will be quick to recommend GoDaddy or HostGator as the best hosts to move your blog to, but there may be another that fits your site needs better. You can easily check for hosting sites that fit your requirements at Webhostingchoice.com, which provides an easy to use search to find the best hosting for your needs. You simply enter the monthly cost you'd like to pay, the Diskspace storage you'd like, Bandwith needed and your setup costs. The site then gives you several options for web hosting sites which fit your requirements.

As mentioned above, Hostgator is a popular choice amongst bloggers and webmasters. The Monetizer did a quick search on Webhostingchoice.com with the requirements of a $10 per month fee, 2500 megabytes storage, 3 gigs bandwith and $0 setup. And presto! Hostgator was the recommended choice with plans at $7 and $10 available.

So if you're still in need of a place to host your blog online, give webhostingchoice.com a try to determine which hosting service might work best for you.

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