The Monetizer's Squidoo Push

It's not a new dance, yet. It's more of a campaign the Monetizer started over a week ago. The experiment is to see how well a Squidoo lens page can do in terms of promotional value and making money. Sometimes you have to experiment with new ways to promote your blog or site and make money. While Squidoo isn't really new, it was untapped fully by Monetizer until this latest trial.

With a little bit of smart marketing and promotion (trying hard not to Spam), the lens has moved up to rank #122. The cool thing here is Squidoo maintains a "Top 100" page. Getting onto that page may have some nice benefits!

So if you'd like to help the Monetizer succeed a little, feel free to stop by and give a visit:
Make Money Online with The Monetizer Squidoo

Monetizer will also be working to clean up the categories/archives section for this blog, to make it better organized. That way anyone who comes by here can easily get to what they want. An important thing missing here is a navigation menu, so that is in the works!

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Chris Stirling said...

Hey Monetizer - I know this post is a bit old but I just checked out your Squidoo lens and you are #108 - almost at your goal of hitting the top 100! I gave you a 5 star rating to help you get there.

I would love some votes in return. Here are my lenses

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