A Quick Look at Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are yet another money maker online, but are they worth it? The major knocks on paid surveys tend to be:

1) The surveys can usually take you a ton of time to complete for very little in return (sometimes a dollar or less for completion);

2) Some programs ask for info such as name, address, phone number, email and then use those to provide you with lots of nice Spam and junk mail from their site or others.

3) Some sites ask you to pay to join or pay for products or services to review.

Despite these issues, some free survey programs online can give you interesting research to participate in and some nice extra money or incentives just for sharing your opinions or feedback.

Currently, The Monetizer does just 1 survey style program, Cash Crate. It's very laid back as you can log in to take surveys at your leisure on a daily basis, trying to qualify for up to 2 per day.

Monetizer has contacted a few people on social media sites to find out which survey programs they like to use. Here's a list of several sites to check out and consider:

BzzAgent.com - A "word of mouth" media network. Involves trying products and services and providing feedback on them. Does not give cash ever, but rewards you with BzzPoints which can go towards gift cards or charity.

Global Test Market (GTM) - Paid surveys program where you earn points. The minimum number of points needed to convert to cash is 1000 points. The more time required on your part for a survey, the larger the number of MarketPoints awarded. They send you a check for earnings and also offer an affiliate program to promote their survey site to others.

Memolink - A rewards program where you can shop through their associated retailers, take surveys and earn cash and gift cards. Also has contests and giveaways as well as an affiliate program to promote.

NFO (MySurvey.com) - MySurvey.com is part of Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS). TNS is ranked as the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis. On this site you provide consumer research (surveys). Points are accumulated in each member's Rewards account and can be redeemed for cash and prizes.

Pinecone research - The site has a section listing all available surveys for you (listings seem to be of a file number nature instead of a title or description). A typical questionnaire usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete on the site. They also may send you products to test and state you will be called upon at least twice a month to participate in research. They offer payment by both Paypal and checks issued.

Survey Spot - The program will contact you by email "periodically" to participate in surveys. Surveys take an average of 10 minutes to do. Site states they will never ask you for money while you're part of the program. Surveys offer payment, prizes or sweepstakes entries.

Testspin - Survey opportunities are emailed to you if you meet the demographic quoata needs (ie. 18-24 males, etc). You then go to a partner's site to qualify. If you do, you complete the survey and enter your TestSpin user name to confirm, and then will receive credit in your account. Surveys pay you TestSpin dollars for participation, which can translate to gift certificates with Amazon.com. TestSpin doesn't ask for a lot of personal info but says the more info about yourself you provide, the greater your chances to receive survey offers will be.

Check out the above at your leisure and discretion. The Monetizer doesn't belong to any of the above, but has word that these are good from a friend on a social media site. Usually if you're going to do a survey program it's smart to sign up for a new email account somewhere. A few good choices are Google's Gmail, myway.com and inbox.com. All provide free email accounts with spam controls. Then you will have a new email account to use with anything that asks for the info, making your personal email account clutter and spam-free.

These days, some people simply don't have the time for surveys, as they can take anywhere from 10 to 30 or even 60 minutes to complete. However if you have a program where you can do surveys here or there and earn a bit of extra money it can always help. For example, with Cash Crate you can log in to your account daily and take up to 2 surveys (at 80 cents each payout). If you were able to qualify and complete 2 surveys a day that's $48 you'd earn for a month. Not shabby if you are a stay at home type and have the time and patience. As always investigate and be on the lookout for scams. Never join a survey program asking you to pay to join or be a member, and definitely be cautious of any that ask for a credit card.


D.C. said...

I used to NFO MySurvey a few years back. Had an account for years. It was ok, but I let my account lapse for about 6 months because I was very busy with other projects and when I went to log in again, my account was removed. Lost all my points. So anyone doing it, needs to log in on a somewhat regular basis. Otherwise, I cashed in points for some nice things for the time I was doing it.

The Monetizer said...

Thanks for the tip d.c. That's good to remember as some programs may be good for just forgetting about and earning off referrals, but others will close you down if you're not actively participating.

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