The Agloco Mystery

Agloco seemed to become the latest rage on the internet months ago. Many people still try to promote it as a big potential moneymaker these days, when in fact it really hasn't made any money and doesn't show any signs of it yet. The concept was Agloco wanted everyone to "own the internet" by surfing the web with their tracking device (Viewbar) and referring friends to do the same. They promise if Agloco's member base gets big, you'll be getting payed. So far, all signs point to $0.00.

Monetizer joined Agloco about a year ago, and waited and waited and waited. Monetizer promoted Agloco to some people here and there with no word on what was going on with Agloco. Finally, a limited edition Beta Viewbar was released for download. Monetizer did the maximum 5 hours of surfing for several months, but has nothing to show for that or the referrals invited to Agloco other than the stats. The account shows hours surfed and members referred to Agloco, but no dollar signs.

The big mystery is will this program ever pay you? Right now it's tough to say, but your time may be better devoted to promoting other causes. Agloco really doesn't give you much to go on other than the "promise that should Agloco become a huge network" (based on your help), that then you'll start to profit. They also have changed their Viewbar, and once again it's a Beta. They don't seem to have things in place based on what they promise, and they don't seem to give updates on what we all want to know about, the payments.

Another example which might be related is Yuwie, which is a social media site like Myspace, except they pay you based on getting referrals to join and then for your networks' page impressions/views. Yuwie at least shows you earnings in your account but you really need to work your butt off to build a big network and get the page views to make any money there. Keep these things in mind. Programs & sites like these may have to take a back seat in relation to other moneymaking ventures that are more worth your time and effort. Also, these just like any other dotcom type business could suddenly go under, making all of your promotion efforts and time wasted.

Moral of the story: These days there's plenty of money making e-books, ad programs, widgets and gadgets being released here on the internet but it's always best to exercise a good deal of caution when getting involved in them and promoting them.

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cybergwen said...

I am with you on AGLOCO. I am so tired of the hype and now am seeing nothing. I moved on.

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