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The John Cow blog (parody blog of JohnChow) has a recent guest post by Ephran Taylor entitled "You Have Nothing to Lose". The post is a great motivational piece about making the decision to start your own business and the things you need to succeed with that endeavor. Money making online, should you give it your all, could provide a fun and very rewarding experience which in turn lets you enjoy your life to the maximum.

Monetizer wants to speak about one concept: that often the biggest success comes from those who are failing or struggling. Some individuals have hit rock bottom or very close to it. They are doing everything and anything to get by. And then out of nowhere, inspiration combines with their hunger and their overall will to succeed. Presto! A big multi-million dollar idea or business is born!

A few examples come to mind for these situations. One example is tthe struggling and starving artists, such as painters, musicians, and film-makers. They are doing what they can to get by, supporting themselves and their families. The struggling artist keeps that hunger inside going and translates it into a successful career and the rest is history. They eventually become a brand as their music or products are bought by millions.

A great example of someone who struggled and eventually became successful is Mark Cuban, the billionaire CEO and current owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. Cuban's a bigtime businessman now, bankrolling all sorts of cool and crazy projects, flying in private jets, traveling to wherever he wants and living the life. However, he was at a point in his life when he was in a major struggle, often sleeping on the floor in apartments and struggling to keep himself afloat. According to Wikipedia, while Cuban was in school he held a variety of jobs, including bartending, disco dancing instructor, and party promotion. He earned his way to college by collecting and selling stamps, and once gained about $1,100 from starting a chain letter. It's amazing what you can do to make money and stay in the game.

Cuban went on to be part of several successful dot com's right around the time of the boom and ahead of the bubble burst. He formed Broadcast.com with a college alum and it eventually was acquired for 5.9 billion dollars by Yahoo. Talk about striking it rich. He now continues to participate in many business ventures and has a very healthy amount of wealth to show for it all. The moral of the story here is Cuban never let his drive to succeed or make money be hampered by fear or the fact he was in a struggle, he simply continued to find new ideas and ways to grow his businesses in order to make money. You can do the same online.

You can find many stories like this of individuals who weren't doing all too well in life, but they somehow received a spark of inspiration. When it was added to their hunger it became a very successful venture. People often make excuses over fear and failure. Monetizer won't use the "if at first you don't succeed" quote here, but never give up on your business plans or ideas early if they falter, keep at them. Keep learning and doing your best to make better businesses and make them grow. Don't quit your job to do this always, but keep working at these other ventures on the side. Use these sorts of success stories as your personal motivation. Find books by those who found ways to succeed despite difficult circumstances, and use them as your tools to become even more successful yourself!

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