BlogRush: Crime Fighters & Blog Saviors

Since the Monetizer installed the BlogRush widget not long ago (less than 2 weeks), it's brought a total of 5 clicks for about 6,000 impressions. That's not entirely that impressive, but the Monetizer has been patient for a few reasons.

1) The widget is in Beta, so that means tweaks will be done to get things right and make it work better.

2) Most of the top bloggers are sticking with it and haven't ditched it yet, so it makes some sense to give it a try while these guys are still using it on their sites.

3) The brains behind the BlogRush widget have been pretty good with email communications if there's troubleshoots or problems going on or new features being worked on. A perfect example is that an email arrived to Monetizer early this AM with quite a bit to report!

The email from John Reese, Founder of BlogRush assured members that their stats showing on the member dashboards have been severely under-reported and that you're really getting more traffic then what is shown (good news for sure). They are working hard to get more categories to select from (right now it's limited as to what category you can choose for your blog). They also are working on preventing the bad guys and scoundrels from finding ways to "cheat" the BlogRush system. BlogRush says they will be doing a "manual review" of all new blogs to filter out those that are spammy and low quality. Basically these guys don't mess around, because there's a few paragraphs in their email warning the bad guys. And finally, BlogRush reports that they are working on ways to improve the statistical reporting you get and to make sure you see more traffic coming in to your blog.

This is some good news from their email:

"SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL LOW-TRAFFIC MEMBERS: In the near future we'll be giving our low-traffic members (those that need more traffic the most) the BULK of our bonus credit allocations. You'll get a ton more bonus credits than high-traffic members because you really need it. It's only FAIR!"

Bonus credits means you have more potential clicks coming via your headlines on other blogs displaying the widget. This makes great sense to sign up for now, because if you're a newer blogger on the block, you'll seriously benefit from the credits being given out!

These BlogRush guys have some bankroll and they don't appear to be just talking the talk or bsing people. As a good example, the Agloco program has been going on for months and claims it will pay members for surfing the internet. Monetizer joined it who knows when and barely saw much communication on their part, until maybe their Viewbar tool was ready to download. This would almost indicate they wanted people to join and encourage others to, but that they couldn't tell anyone what they were really up to, or when they might get paid. They still aren't giving much details on the "get paid" part. Anyways, BlogRush so far has been very upfront and communicative. If a blogger thinks they are a bad idea or tries to discredit their system, that's perfectly fine, but at least they keep their members/users in the loop.

If you aren't using the BlogRush widget, its available here for free. An advantage to joining now, you'll be assured that your blog gets a manual review for quality control, and that BlogRush will keep you updated via email.

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