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This isn't a paid review of any sort, just a bit of info sharing about a site The Monetizer found. The site is called Wiki Answers and one of its question pages came up within the 1st two pages of a specific search I did on Google. Wiki Answers is just what you might expect; a site where people pose questions and others provide the answers. It's easy to register and use, and can potentially provide you with a flow of extra site traffic.

The coolest part of the site, is you can add in your own answer to a question or even "Improve an answer". You are given an option to supply a site link as part of the answer, with anchor text for your link. The Wiki Answers site currently has a pretty high traffic rank, so this makes a ton of sense to do. Leave a link if you have a blog post that answers a popular question, even if the question has been answered 10-20 times. People who view that question will see your link and possibly visit for more info on the topic.

I placed a link as an answer there and it has brought about 400-500 visits in several days time. That's not Digg like traffic, but it's not bad either for a new steady stream of traffic. It basically means you're listed within the first few pages of Google search results too. Consider this technique: Do a search on keywords or phrases on Google related to your blog. See what comes up in the first 2 pages of the results. If there's any Wiki Answers listing or another Ask & Answer type site, you may have struck a new traffic source for your blog. You can also register for the site and just poke around a bit. Find out the popular questions related to your blog, and see what you can answer with blog posts. While this may not be groundbreaking, it may be a technique many overlook in terms of getting some extra traffic.

(Note: The above technique may vary based upon the popularity of your search terms. Also use the obvious ideas of leaving links on forums, blogs and YouTube videos that may come up in the 1st few pages of a Google search.)

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