Building the Blog Strategies Part 1

The Monetizer Blog is relatively new, and as mentioned before it is fully experimental in nature. There are many bloggers and "gurus" out there who toss a blog or site up blindly and act like they know how to make money. The Monetizer won't lie to you pretending to be a millionaire or Donald Trump. Instead, like most others, The Monetizer is looking to earn online and provide feedback, ideas and commentary on the ways to do it. It's also important to note there are guys online who are getting it right and who have made success, and some even suggest staying away from the "Make Money Online" topic. Monetizer has to disagree.

If you use enough passion, creativity, drive and determination, your blog can be just as or more successful then those top dog bloggers. Blogging or online success isn't achieved easily (unless you already have fame or recognition), and it's highly doubtful any of the gurus got to where they are without a large amount of work put in. The Monetizer relies on information and resources collected through research where else - the world wide web. So buckle up and enjoy this ride. Fresh new ideas can lead you to ideas of your own and then "you will find a path towards success, wealth and happiness" - that was in a fortune cookie once.

Here are some of the current strategies The Monetizer is looking at and using, and you might want to look at integrating these for your own promotion strategies:

- Developing BRAND NEW Squidoo lens page and trying to network, gain traffic, ratings and rankings.

- Building up network of friends with MyBlogLog

- Submitting site to search engines, Blog directories and RSS directories

- Myspace profile and networking

- Using BlogRush widget for potential incoming traffic

- Use of Blogtoplist, a blog network with rankings system

These are just a few of the ideas and campaigns The Monetizer has started working on, and you may consider them for yourself as well. The goal here is to grow this blog from the ground up. This may help others see what works or doesn't work if you're looking for new ideas and inspiration in developing your own blog into a money maker. Set yourself daily goals in terms of your blog or site and it's promotion, and put in that effort daily to make it grow. And remember to enjoy the ride as well as relax from time to time :)

Feel free to leave any strategies you think are effective as well. After all, the internet makes for a great, open exchange of ideas and money making opportunities..

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