The Monetizer Invades Squidoo!

Monetizer Make Money Online at Squidoo

Realizing the importance of Social media these days, The Monetizer proudly announces his new Squidoo page: Make Money Online. The Squidoo page is a work in progress but will be used to promote this blog as well as teach others various money making opportunities, better blogging, internet tips, promoting, SEO and much, much more. Squidoo will be an experiment, since the Monetizer has heard good and bad about using it. However, Social Media sites like this simply can't be ignored.

Sites like Myspace, Facebook and Orkut get too much traffic to disregard them as places to promote your product, website or blog. Building up networks of targeted users who share similar interests will go a long way to building a potential base of blog readers, customers and referrals.

One of the relatively newer players in this Social Media game has been Squidoo, a product of the genius thinking of Seth Godin. This product basically allows readers to create a webpage known as a "lens". A lens captures your unique perspective on a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about. For example you may be passionate about wine-tasting, photography, pets, nature, web design, vintage cars or science. The lens will allow you to discuss, promote and educate people with a topic of your choice. You choose your topic, title, tag words and begin building. Squidoo offers an array of "modules" to integrate into your unique page, include RSS feeds, text areas, list areas, Amazon products, Ebay ads for related products and customizable polls about your topic. There are many possibilities in using Squidoo to promote your work.

Which brings the Monetizer to discussing his latest lens, which is Make Money Online, a Monetizer meets Squidoo project. Monetizer has set up a Squidoo lens to try to realize any potential traffic gains from the search engines or Squidoo users themselves. The use of Google Analytics (something highly worth installing in your blog code) should help gauge this, as well as seeing the Squidoo page come up in any search engine listings.

It's recommended that you sign yourself up for Squidoo and set up a lens page to promote your current project(s). Squidoo allows a lot of flexibility and also allows you to make as many of these lenses as you choose. If you have a broad topic, set up 5 or more lenses to help promote your project. Having your promotions displayed in enough places gives you more chances at catching someone's eye and building your audience. And the bonus to this is, you can potentially earn money from your Squidoo lens, based on the ads displayed on your site by Squidoo, the amount of views you get, and get commissions from any purchased Amazon or Ebay products you recommend/pitch/add on your page (with Squidoo modules).

And feel free to stop by and show some love for the new Monetizer Squidoo page while you're at it :)

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