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In addition to the MoneyMakers already listed by Monetizer, there's always new money makers popping up that are seemingly undiscovered online. Some of these untapped money maker sites can be fun too! The latest discovery by The Monetizer is "Guess Now". So how do you make money there? Yep, you guessed it!

With Guess Now the premise is simple. You can either ask or answer questions which are basically poll style on the site. The object is to guess the correct answer for that particular question. Questions range from "will the US Jobless Rate have changed at the end of the business day" to "will J-Lo reveal she's pregnant by end of the month", to "how many runs will be scored in the World Series". You click off your answer on a question, for example "30-40" for the World Series total runs scored, then you select your confidence level for your answer. It's like point betting basically, and if you're very confident, it's an "All or Nothing" wager. If you're right you'll score big points (Monetizer saw questions worth as much as 800 points). If you're wrong, you get 0. Of course, you can choose anywhere down the line for your confidence level, all the way down to "No Confidence" and still earn points if you're wrong.

So what's the point of the points? Upon quick analysis of FAQ's and how it works, points are determined by yet another algorithmic formula based on total points in the entire community's pot divided by members equals cash value per point, etc etc. Basically, that's the tricky part with a lot of these sites. You never know how much time and effort you need to expend to earn actual money. But according to Guess Now, once your points are equivalent to $25, you can cash out with PayPal. Not too shabby for just guessing stuff right?

The beauty of this site is you will never be penalized for wrong answers. Also, your point total will continue to roll over month to month until you meet their $25 payout threshold. You can then cash out to PayPal once you're at $25 or more. The site offers the added advantage of being able to sort questions based on when they end as some are predictions extending way into next year involving politics and other world events. There is an "expiring soon" link you can click which basically gives you all of the questions ending that day. Basically you could run through these daily, giving random answers or guestimates and say "Very Confident". To experiment with this, The Monetizer has answered 42 questions which are due to expire today, October 24th, 2007. On each, "Very Confident" was selected. The majority of these questions involve stock/finance/business questions with a 1 in 3 chance to be correct.

It does appear there are other ways to drastically improve your points on this site, such as signing up for spammy offers and other registration type deals. The kinda stuff you probably want to avoid, and you can choose to "Skip" those on your Account area. You can also check off whether to receive emails from GuessNow.com, which cuts down on your spam from the site itself. But it seems worth a sign-up as a spare time way to find some big point guessing games. Answer correctly with high confidence and you may be on your way to some easy internet cash!

Monetizer didn't notice any referral program or incentive for signing up friends, so check out GuessNow directly. However if you do want to earn a whole 25 cents, sign up at Cash Crate today as they are paying a shiny quarter to people who sign up for Guess Now! Hey, I said the money making ideas would keep coming ;)

10/25/07 Update Notes: A few updates about GuessNow.com:

1) Monetizer has been stuck at 90 points since earlier Wednesday AM. This may indicate that points are tallied slowly, because it's hard to imagine that all of the 42 guesses made by Monetizer were incorrect!

2) Also, with the site, they want you to verify yourself before paying out. They ask for a photocopy sent of your Driver's license or Passport to prove who you are. It's fair, but sometimes suspect online, because it is personal info. There was a 3rd option to fill out a IRS form as proof, but the form seemed to be a dead link with the IRS site saying it will be back up.

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