Help John Chow & The Monetizer Win!

The Monetizer already gave major props to John Chow in a previous post, "The Monetizer is a Fan of John Chow". Now it's time for a little more praise, but only because Mr. Chow is offering a bunch of nice prizes if you sign up for his RSS feed and blog about it. The Monetizer loves winning things and getting free stuff.

John Chow is basically in a big RSS competition with fellow blogger, Shoemoney. The contest is to see who can get more RSS subscribers to their blog by the end of this month. Chow is really stepping his game up by offering some great prizes, while Shoemoney seems to be relying on word of mouth and other techniques. So head over and sign up for John Chow's RSS feed, and you can also enter to win the great prizes he's offering!

Of course also make sure to sign up for Monetizer's RSS feed as well :)

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