The Monetizer Campaign: Month 1

Since this blog's been up for about a month, it's a good time to reflect on how things are going so far.

Here's updates on a few of the things being done by The Monetizer to make money:

- Squidoo page is doing well. It's moving up the rankings and has become the 177th best Lens on there as of today! If it hits top 100, this could be very good...Again, Squidoo is part of an experimental promotion to see how it might help and if it helps make any extra money. Feel free to pay it a visit:
Make Money Online with the Monetizer Squidoo!

- Monetizer made about $30 using CashCrate last month. It was mainly from doing surveys, which can be time consuming, but each bit of extra income can help! Monetizer will present a picture of a check as soon as it arrives..

- Monetizer was accepted into the Kontera advertising program and plans to add it into the blog within next few days. Find out more about Kontera's ad program here.

- Monetizer was rejected from PayPerPost :( This is due to their rule that blogs must be in existence for at least 90 days. Monetizer is 2 months below that amount of time, but have no fear, Monetizer expects to get into the program eventually.

- Monetizer has seen good sign-ups for various programs including Auction Ads, CashCrate, PayPerPost and DealDotCom. Feel free to sign up for any of them if you have not, using the nice pictures in the lefthand column :)

All in all, things are going well. The campaign continues with promoting and pitching this new blog. Monetizer has a few ideas of things that should be done with this project and plans to implement them as soon as possible. While the Monetizer isn't realizing $3k a month like John Cow, or even $20K a month like John Chow, nothing is impossible! Stay tuned, but so far this is fun!

You're all invited to follow along with the Monetizer on this journey:

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