October 15= Blog Action Day

Ok just a little bit late, but Monetizer didn't want to forget to mention October 15th was Blog Action Day. The concept involved getting as many bloggers as possible to blog about ways to save and protect our environment and the Earth. The official Blog Action Day blog made mention that at least 5,000 blogs had done so, so let me make it 5,001. The Monetizer would like to present some appropriate sites and articles on these very subjects. Many of these ways which include saving or conserving energy will save you money. Useful tips for bloggers and computer users are to turn your computer off when it's not in use, keep lights and other appliances you don't need off, and do not leave the bathroom faucet running while brushing your teeth. These small things will go a long way if enough people can get into the habit of doing them.

Here's 4 articles to check out as well:

Time Magazine's 51 Ways to Save the Environment

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy

50 Quick, Painless Ways You Can Help the Environment Today

Energy Quest on Saving Energy

The Monetizer encourages other bloggers to make mention of this important cause as we can all do a little bit each day to keep Mother Earth alive and well.

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