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Blogging Zoom

One thing the Monetizer is always looking for is free and effective ways to promote blogs which in turn will help to generate more traffic, readers and subscribers. Thanks to Courtney Tuttle and crew, a new site has been unveiled that will help you do that, known as Blogging Zoom.

So what is Blogging Zoom? It's a social media/bookmarking site like Digg.com, but its better because it's built just for us bloggers. In fact, the only members allowed to join and use Blogging Zoom are blog owners. It's primarily aimed at helping bloggers get noticed so they don't have to fight with the big social media products such as Digg.com to get that much needed attention. You can submit your blog entries much like you do to other social sites, and receive "Zooms" rather than "Diggs". However, Zooms are coming from fellow bloggers.

Some of the great advantages you get with Blogging Zoom:

- You won't be penalized for submitting your own content, meaning you can submit your best blog entries to the site. You won't need to worry about being buried or ostracized like Digg might do to you (as long as you're not spamming on Zoom).

- Blogging Zoom is built for blog owners and nobody else. So if you dont have a blog you won't be a member. Bloggers tend to have each others' backs.

- The creators/owners of Blogging Zoom are SEO experts who will use that knowledge to help increase traffic and search engine rankings which can help your blog a LOT.

- Blogging Zoom will work diligently to report and eliminate Spammers. Technorati and Google Blog Search tend to be flooded by spam, but Blogging Zoom will not be.

- It provides you with a community to network with other bloggers. Remember the ideas of finding blogs relevant to yours so you can network, leave comments, gain backlinks and secure guest posters? Blogging Zoom should present some great opportunities to do all of those things.

It always remains to be seen what sorts of results you will get from a new site like this one but so far it's had a good amount of buzz. Blogging Zoom is in its infancy, but seems to be having positive reports already. Cash Quests blog has reported already that since joining it's given a nice traffic boost to the site. Courtney reported in a recap of Day One that the signups and visits to Blogging Zoom have been spiking upwards. By the way, Courtney really knows about SEO, blogging and internet marketing with experience working at an internet marketing firm, and runs quite the blog site as well. So the Monetizer has full faith in this new concept Courtney has helped launch for our benefit.

It really makes sense to get in on a free blogger-driven community like Blogging Zoom if you want to take your blog to new levels and gain traffic and readers. The Monetizer recommends signing up and submitting a few of your best recent or past blog entries to the site and see how it goes...It could prove smart to get in early on something like this, because it looks like it will grow into a very nice and helpful community for us bloggers.


aksn1p3r said...

Hey there, I've added you to the megafeed! Keep up the originality! Hope the money "virtually" flows in! ;)

Sanchi - SEO Professional said...

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The Monetizer said...

Thanks for stopping by folks. askn1p3r thanks for including Monetizer in your new project :)

sanchi, I'll check that out, but only because it has the word "free" in it ;)

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