How to Set Up Business with IncParadise.com

Many individuals including bloggers and online entrepreneurs, may decide that it's time to turn their trade into a full-time business venture. Starting a business can seem quite overwhelming and complex, but there are online resources to help. An online resource is IncParadise.com, a site which will help you with several of the essential items you need to maintain and operate a business.

One way incparadise will help is by providing you with free forms such as Pre-incorporation agreement, establishment of your company's bylaws, or minutes for shareholder meetings. Many novice business owners overlook the fact that regular shareholder meetings are essential to having a business, even if you are the only employee. The IRS can conduct an audit of your business and will require these documents. IncParadise.com will prepare company minutes for you at a charge of $20-$25. IncParadise will also provide you a TAX ID for your business at a charge of $25, and offers corporate kits at low prices. The kits allow for you to incorporate your business online through the appropriate state, for fees based on the state your business is in, plus their standard charge of $89.

Although its look is very simple, I found the site to be both helpful and informative about setting up a business and learned several new things I hadn't known before. The concept that a shareholder meeting is necessary for your business, was one essential thing I learned. The FAQ section at IncParadise also does a great job of explaining the differences between an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and an "INC" (standard Corporations). For the fees they offer to prepare your necessary documents or help you incorporate, they seem to be a valuable resource for the small business owner who is trying to dot their i's and cross all the t's for keeping their business running well.

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