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Good news as the Monetizer has officially been approved for payperpost after signing up about a week ago. The main reason I recommend this site is because it's a great opportunity to add another income source to your blog. With PayPerPost you can choose payed blogging opportunities to review and write about various services, sites and products. Once you sign up and have your blog approved, you will be able to log-in and check their bulletin board for any open opportunities to you. These can range in payment from $5 up to $200 or so! Some of the top bloggers featured on the PayPerPost home page have made as much as $18,000 with the program. You may consider adding this to your income sources as well, as it will provide you with new things to write about, all while getting paid!

Please keep in mind some general guidelines if you plan to sign up for PayPerPost. First, you will want to have your blog up and running for a good three months. Also, it's a good idea to have two plus posts or entries per page of your blog. Finally, make sure that you have a very clear and easy-to-find "Archives" section on your blog. The side column is usually a good spot for this. Following these rules and continuing to add quality content to your blog on a regular basis should help you to get approved for the PayPerPost program.

I encourage others to sign up for PayPerPost as it can increase your online money making and provide you with even more topics to blog about. Once you sign up you can take your first easy opportunity, just like this. All you have to do is blog about PayPerPost, then get payed $20. Easy money made!

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