Puzzled over PayPerPost

Since joining PayPerPost I've done about 3 sponsored posts here on the Monetizer blog. On Tuesday, they sent a nice note to Monetizer that a particular post just needed two linked text items inserted and then to resubmit. I did this promptly. But today I received the following message from the site:

"Hello, Thanks for submitting your post to us for review. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to reject this one as it appears you have back to back PayPerPost posts, [How I Bought $76 of Gas with PayPaltitle] & [Use Clever Tactics but Keep Your Rep Up]. As mentioned in the Terms of Service, “PayPerPost posts may not appear consecutively on your blog. Because you do have back to back PPP posts, we apologize you will not be able to resubmit this one for review. Terms of Service, “each PayPerPost post must be immediately preceded and immediately followed by at least one non-sponsored, original content post”. Because you have back to back sponsored posts, we do apologize that you will not be able to resubmit this post. Victor"

I'm quite a bit puzzled over this as the two blog entries referenced above were original content and weren't sponsored by any means. I'm baffled over who would sponsor my discussion of having $76 put on hold on my PayPal card when buying gasoline. Either way, I have a ticket to customer support to inquire as to how the posts mentioned are sponsored by PayPerPost. If they are I'd love the money in my PayPal :) Has anyone else run into this problem?

I've also been hearing that Google is starting to penalize blogs that do PayPerPost entries or ReviewMe entries. Maybe this rejection notice is just a clever sign in disguise. Even though Monetizer previously mentioned knowing the rules when you make money online sometimes those rules can be quite confusing!

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