3 Last Minute Online Gift Ideas

Holiday Shopping CrowdsAccording to Amazon.com today is the last full day to order gifts for people and get them delivered by December 24th, 2007 using the extra 1 Day Shipping. A clever ploy by Amazon as they know people are willing to spend a little extra money to ship when they're in a bind. Many people might be considering rushing out to the chaotic malls these last few days, because they waited to shop. However, The Monetizer says why not make life easier and give a gift online?

Now these ideas are not only thoughtful, but they also don't require rushing out to the mall or worrying if they will be delivered before Christmas! In fact these gifts require no real life shipping other than your own!

1) The Amazon Gift Card gives a huge variety of great items for people to choose from. Amazon offers everything from kitchen items to sporting goods to books, cds and DVD's. So an Amazon gift certificate makes great sense. It saves you from having to pay for extra shipping, and it allows the gift receiver to get exactly what they want! These can be delivered via email, so your loved one will receive it before or right on Christmas day. You may want to print the order confirmation page or a personalized card of your own, just so you have something to present to them and aren't empty handed.

2) Ticketmaster printable tickets for your friend who is into music or sporting events. They may even take you along if you hint at it enough and give them just two tickets! With Ticketmaster you have the option to have your tickets mailed, but it's a lot better to simply choose the printable PDF version here. They offer tons of great tickets for events from sports to concerts to WWE. Find ideal seats for a great event your friend may have mentioned, buy and print out your tickets. Doesn't get much easier than that!

3) GoDaddy.com Hosting Plans
make a great gift choice. A website is a gift that keeps on giving and growing. It gives your loved one a piece of internet real estate which they can build upon for years and be proud of. All they need to do is add a domain name, some HTML and tender care! They can grow the site into something beautiful, maybe even a moneymaker! This is also great for newborns... why not get them and their proud parents a website to showcase their baby pictures and great stories?! GoDaddy offers many reasonably priced plans from $3.99 or so on up.

There you have 3 quick and easy gift ideas if you've procrastinated until these last few days. Granted these aren't the Nintendo Wii but they are items you can click, buy, and print! Please use some creativity though, such as an attractive envelope or ribbon for presentation purposes. Your loved one is sure to get satisfaction from these ideas. And you're sure to survive that last minute stress of having a gift in hand when you go to celebrate the big holiday!

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