5 Resolutions for Bloggers in 2008

Happy New Year 2008 What a year it's been! As 2007 closes out and the big ball drops in Times Square, people are ready to make their New Year's resolutions. You know the tried and true resolutions that people make but never stick to. It's usually the typical resolutions: lose weight, make more money, pay off debt, be more religious, be nicer, put aside grudges, etc. etc...In the blogosphere, we should also have resolutions. Here's 5 the Monetizer is going to try to adhere to, and that you should also consider in your blogging for 2008.

1) Keep blogging - This should be at the top of every blogger's list. Keep at it with what you started. Don't let your blog fade away and fall into obscurity like so many others do. It takes work and devotion to create a successful online product, such as a blog. If it's a topic you're passionate about, it should be no problem to at least post 3 entries a week. One a day is ideal as it gives your blog site a ton of content for consumption by readers and search engines. Keep at it in 2008 and avoid falling into a serious lapse of blogger's block.

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2) Increase RSS subscribers - This usually comes as you generate more traffic, and of course having content that others will want to return back to. It is probably the best measure of your blog's success, beyond Google Page Rank and Alexa traffic rank. Having subscribers is positive feedback that your blog is providing valuable material. Here's a few ideas on how to get more RSS subscribers:

- Hold contests which require people to subscribe by email
- Use your RSS feed URL in your comment URL on other blogs
- Submit your RSS to directories, and use pingoat.com to ping.
- Provide sign up for RSS on your blog in convenient and visible spots.
- Publicize ways to sign up for your RSS feed on other sites (forums, social media, etc).

3) Increase traffic - This is listed after RSS only because I'd rather have 500 subscribers and a not so great Alexa score versus 10 subscribers and a great Alexa score. Subscribers means your content is attracting readers. Traffic doesn't always mean that. But nonetheless traffic is the best way to make money and gain subscribers. The more visitors, the more likely they will: subscribe to your blog, check out your moneymakers, or promote what you wrote somewhere else (Digg, Stumbleupon, etc). To increase traffic, try some of these free and easy methods:


4) Clean up the Mess - John Cow has a recent post about cleaning up the clutter on your blog for the New Year. He also suggests things like adjusting the background color or image on your blog, and tidying up the sidebar and other areas. Making the blog more organized and less cluttered will go a long way in achieving the other goals as you will attract more readers. If you aren't a do-it-yourself type and can afford it, buy design services. A new Web 2.0 banner or even full blog design services can give a polished look for a New Year. If you're on a budget look around at free alternatives, such as new blog themes. You don't necessarily have to change the entire blog, but cleaning up clutter and distraction should be a goal.

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5) Make More Money - It should always be on your mind after you're able to create valuable content and get readers. I'm not saying be super greedy, but always be looking for the best ways to Monetize your blog. You can always refer back to the Recommended moneymakers here. For example, if you're just running Adsense right now, consider adding Kontera, Auction Ads, Widget Bucks and/or an affiliate type program. The more money you make blogging, the happier your 2008 might be!

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Make sure you stick to these goals for the coming year and you should start to see more blogging success. These things will help to create further results for you such as networking opportunities, more exposure and links back to your blog. it will take work and effort, but the end results can be rewarding. The Monetizer wishes a Happy New Year's and much success to everyone in 2008!

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BudgetBoy said...

Good tip on leaving your RSS feed URL as the comment URL when leaving comments on other blogs. I never thought of that!

The Monetizer said...

Have to give credit on that idea to Garry Conn. I found that tip there, and it's a great idea..

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