The Death of Agloco

Let's all have a moment of silence for Agloco as a legit moneymaker or company.

I joined Agloco about a year ago, I believe thanks to the advice of Adsense legend, Joel Comm. I don't blame him for this and luckily I didn't work my butt off to promote sign-ups or have the viewbar running. John Chow reported the Agloco death on his site via an email he received from them. Agloco was probably dead for a while, but that email confirmed things for us. Here's the final stats for Monetizer's Agloco campaign (sigh of relief):

Agloco death

Lesson here is don't give false hope or promises if you're trying to be a successful business venture online. Yes failures happen, but anything this Agloco company or group pushes in the future will be a tough sell.

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