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Commission Junction The Monetizer already belongs to Clickbank, an affiliate program which features e-books, downloadable software and various registration based programs. You earn large commissions based on people going through the link you supply and buying or signing up for the product/service. I saw the drawbacks were that people could request refunds (meaning you lose the money you make), and also that they had some strange rules on when and how to receive a payment.

Well I have to admit I held off on really investigating another affiliate program, Commission Junction. With all the programs Monetizer already participates in, it was just an afterthought. Boy was I wrong in not looking into this one sooner! Commission Junction offers 100's of legitimate companies and advertisers who are looking to pay you for promoting them or their products. You can be payed for two things via the extensive list of advertisers and companies:

(Above: Just a few of the MANY companies CJ lets you promote for $!)

1)Leads - In many instances you can earn from a company just for someone signing up for a free service. For example there's the Screensavers.com:
Free Screensavers and Wallpaper!
promotion. Just for someone downloading either of these, you would earn 80 cents. But that's just a small example. RealNetworks offers $15 per each person you refer to download their free 14 week trial music player. Some companies such as lenders, and banking institutions offer even more for signups! Not a bad deal at all! And there's plenty of these opportunities, so you're bound to find something that fits your blog or site.

2)Sales Commissions - There's all sorts of advertisers, from Citibank to NBC to Apple to WWE. They each offer various commission rates (from about 1 or 2% on up), based on you referring people to their sites and those people buying merchandise. There's plenty of companies too as mentioned before, so you will find something appropriate to your topic or niche.

Bonus Incentives: There's also bonus incentives which vary by company or program. For example if you generate over $1000 in sales for a program you're promoting, they will raise your percent commission rate (say from 5% to 10%) and so forth. So each program varies in how you can profit from them, but there's plenty of opportunity!

(Above: A view of some CJ product selections for the GameFly promotion)

Commission Junction is free to join and provides great monetization ideas. To get started, you will need to sign up with Commission Junction and provide the usual details (name, address, SS#, checking info for auto deposit of payments, etc). Once you're accepted into CJ you can add your websites or blog URL's along with their descriptions. This will allow you to pick and choose where you advertise which products (depending on how many sites you own). After this, it's time to search for the products and services you'd like to promote! Type in a keyword related to your blog or site niche and let CJ provide you with all the resulting offers and programs you can apply for. Remember, you'll need to apply for any program you choose individually, and some may not accept you instantly.

Once you're approved for an advertiser you can Create Links. These come in the forms of all types such as 125x125 buttons, 468x60 banners, the 728 length banners and text links. CJ also allows you to generate code in HTML or Java for your site, encrpyt your links and more. It's a nice interface and seems like yet another great Money Maker!

The reason I'm kicking myself about now is that they have so many products available that are related to other blogs the Monetizer authors. Knowing this months ago would have given a nice additional revenue stream. So learn from my hindsight, and sign up with them ASAP to help monetize your own site. Trust the Monetizer, if you type a keyword term there, you will most likely find a compay that fits that topic which you can promote on your site.

I feel anyone looking to Monetize a blog or website in almost any niche can truly benefit from using Commission Junction. The minimum payout is $25 to receive a check or auto-deposit. So head over, sign up, and start selecting products and companies to make money from!


James Michael Wilcox said...

I used to be a CJ affiliate but then they cancelled my account without notice and wouldn't reactivate it. Numerous emails to their customer service went unanswered. I wouldn't trust them. Clickbank is awesome though.

The Monetizer said...

Thanks James, that's good to know ahead of time. I'm interested to give them a try for a bit, they seem to have some good opportunities.

Taylor Blue said...

i haven't made any money through cj...not a lick...I have just took my ads down and stuck with google. I have made way more with google and adbrite than anyone else

lady influence said...

have not earned from this program. i stopped promoting it..

Jonclaude said...

Hi the Monetize,

I do have account with cj but I never
used it. But, I do have a couple they make $250 every month with that system.

Mitch said...

I'll admit that I've struggled to figure out how to make any real money with CJ, but I did just get my first check from them, and any time I can get a check, I'm not mad. lol

Mitch said...

It would seem that the issue isn't that CJ doesn't have good products to market, but trying to figure out exactly how to market the products. I'm trying to use my marketing blog more than anything else, and I put in the 468x68 picture ads hoping people will see something that intrigues them and click on it, but that's not happening. Every once in awhile I slip in a product, but that's not happening either. So, if I could figure out how to use it advantageously, like a few people obviously do, then it would be amazing.

dede said...

I sign up with cj, but same like mitch, nothing happening, i put on my sites but every time i check my account, the earning is 000000..

raaji eswari said...

i signed in this before one month.but i havn't got money.how to get money ?could u tel me sir?

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