Overstock.com's Christmas Giveaway!

The following is a sponsored post from PayPerPost on popular online outlet, Overstock.com The site also know as "the O", is now running a 5 day giveaway starting today called the "All I want for Christmas Giveaway". The online outlet's daily contest allows you to win prizes each day until December 8th from Overstock valued at up to $1,000. The cool part is you can invite up to 5 friends per day as well and if you win, then they also win your selected prize. Overstock's inventory currently features everything from flat screen TV's and laptop computers to MP3 players, video game systems and jewelry. You could get a leather couch, frappachino maker or even a guitar. Sky's the limit with this contest and what you can win, as long as you stay within the $1000 limit.

But wait there's more. There's also a Grand Prize at the end of 5 days where a lucky winner will win one gift from Overstock.com valued at up to $5000. The possibilities for that big gift are endless. Upon scanning the TV section, The Monetizer would definitely take the Sharp Aquos 52-inch LCD HDTV with Wall Mount. It would be very MTV Cribs and it's only $3,279.99. There's a slightly higher priced Mitsubishi 52-inch LCD HDTV as well. Or I might go with a new timepiece for my wrist such as a $3599 Aqua Master Men's Oval Diamond Chronograph Watch. Bloggers might even choose a King Size bed or leather couch so they can kick back at the end of a rough moneymaking day Basically, if you've got $5000 to blow on just 1 item, better make it a big time purchase and not just an iPod Touch or Wii.

If you're interested, head over to the site, sign up, and start referring friends for your chances to win each of the next 5 days. You can check out the contest over at OverstockContest.com and check out the cool clay-mation style YouTube video below all about it!

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