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Here's a few late Christmas presents. These items will help you in creating niche sites for profit, getting your blog noticed by Google and others, as well as giving you valuable link backs to your blog.

First things first, you should definitely get set up with Socialmarker.com. This site includes 30 social bookmarking sites and allows you to easily submit your items to them all. It's better than having to go and log in to each site every time. The Socialmarker site includes the well known choices of Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious and then 26 more, some you may have never heard of.

Make sure to register with all the bookmarking sites first (yes it's tedious, but worth it). It's been suggested that you create a newly created email for all of these, maybe use myway.com or inbox.com where you can create free email accounts. Once you are registered, Socialmarker allows you to easily submit a site or blog entry to all of those 30 bookmarking sites. You simply supply the title, the URL, description, and tags. Social marker will go through site by site and auto-populate the fields. You will be able to alter them of course, as not every site is the same in what it asks for. But this definitely will make your life easier and give you backlinks to your blog itself, posts or other site. Socialmarker.com also has a special icon you can drag to your bookmarks/links area on Firefox. Then next time you want to bookmark a site or blog entry, just click the button for Socialmarker!

The above tool will help you promote any blog entries or sites you have, including specialized sites. Also known as niche sites, these can provide you additional passive income. The Monetizer has enjoyed building these on Squidoo, which is one free place to do so. An entry by Monika at Writer's Manifesto Blog presents the several ways to build niche sites, including Squidoo, Hub Pages and blogs. Read Monika's article here

There's a great article which discusses how to use your blog with Squidoo, related articles you wrote and RSS to create a sort of Squidoo goggle dance. Following the 9 steps will help to get Google to take notice as well as create links back to your sites. It can even get you multiple listings on the first page of Google search results, if done properly. See the article here.

Hope that all moneymakers and bloggers had a fun, happy and prosperous holiday!

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Rob Trew said...

Great post Monitizer!
Getting backlinks is the most important but toughest thing to get. Thanks for the info, I'll be putting it to good use - should give me a nice boost in the backlink deptartment.

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