New Year's Day Comment Spree

Monetizer decided that there's no better day to comment other blogs, of any subject matter than on New Year's day. The reason is very simple, that today your comment can be 100% positive. You wish the blogger a Happy New Year and success in 2008. Most people are posting about New Year's today, so it makes for a relevant comment, and it gets you into the comment habit. In addition, it may get you some new visitors and backlinks!

While going on this Entrecard drop and comment spree, there's something I painfully noticed, which others have blogged about. What stuck out is the amount of items people will put onto their blog sites. While it can be cool to add unique gadgets and widgets, it can definitely overwhelm your site and visitors! It can slow down the loading time for your site in general. For example, I've noticed geographical maps and exact position locators on several blogs. I always have trouble understanding the need for those, unless it's used on a Myspace profile or something. With Google Analytics you can easily check out a map which shows visits by position on a World map.

There's many other widgets and gadgets I've seen, and I also noticed a few blogs which employed almost every imaginable moneymaker there is (it had Widgetbucks, Auction Ads, Adsense, 125x125's and more!) While it's good to diversify your monetization, don't overdo it! That goes for widgets and money making items. It will only sabotage your efforts. You may of course disagree and feel the more items you have, the more your readers have to check out. But if it's slowing down the site or confusing them, it may be time to trim things down considerably.

That said I wish all a successful year for making money online in 2008!


Descartes said...

Happy New Year and Good Luck in 2008.
Or was that Best Wishes? Damn I hate getting old. Oh sorry, that wasn't very positive, was it?
May the Force Be With You in 2008. Yeah, that should do it.

The Old Vic said...

Thanks for dropping by - Happy New Year to you too - you got a new visitor ! Your blog looks interesting I'll be checking it out. I've already discovered one interesting thing - Agloco is dead ! I never knew. I signed up for them too when they started up but never did much with it so it seems like I didn't miss much, but I'll take down their banner ad. now.
I see you're interested in Squidoo too, I've written a couple of articles on my blog about Squidoo (one of which even provoked a response from Seth Godin himself!) - one of my lenses - http://www.squidoo.com/designerlabels - made number 33 in its category for a while (not sure if that counts as a true top 100) but it hasn't made any difference to revenue, all in all I've made about 8 USD in 8 months ! Lol. So I think I will now classify Squidoo as a total waste of time too. Some people say they make hundreds a month, so maybe I'm doing it all wrong.
I've just signed up for another advertising scheme which seems promising, which pays for every visitor you get to your site whether they click on anything or not, if you want information on it just drop me a comment.
Happy New Year again.
Vic - www.netmonetization.com

The Monetizer said...

Thanks descartes and Vic, I wish you both the best in 08!

Vic with regards to Squidoo, I see it offers 3 benefits (maybe more):

1- link power for your blog or site
2- a place to promote your blog, affiliate products and referrals.
3- a chance to make the extra $ Squidoo revenue offers.

To me those 3 things make it worth the effort. I'll disclose that I've made $15 on back to back months, which is why I believe Top 100 status brings more. It should at least bring more attention to what's on the lens (links, products)...We shall see!

The Old Vic said...

Good points. I 'stumbled' your lens so who knows you might get a sudden surge of visitors. On another point have you never considered getting your own domain name? It only costs around $10/year and you redirect your current address to your own domain.

The Monetizer said...

Thanks for the Stumble!

I consider the domain almost daily :) Since I run several blogs I've been debating between this and another as far as getting hosting first. It makes good sense to be on a domain, you're right. HostGator seems like the best choice too.

The Old Vic said...

You don't need a hosting site - Google will host it - you just redirect the name

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