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These days there's millions of blogs around with more people starting their own blogs daily. I'm not sure of the exact statistics, but I'm sure there's one of those "there's a new blog started every 25 seconds" type stats going around the internet and news sources.

With blogging, many people who want to get started expressing their thoughts to friends, family and the world will quickly choose a free alternative, rather than using paid hosting with a domain. There's plenty of available options for free blog platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress, Myspace, and a newer site called "Thoughts.com". By Blogging at Thoughts.com you get the ability to have your own blog which will reside at http://www.thoughts.com/your_username. You also will have the ability to upload pictures, videos, do podcasting, chat in forums, and add friends to your public or private profile. It's almost like blogging meets a Myspace style community, except there's no Tom.

Thoughts.com 10 Most Popular Posts of All-Time:

    1 A Great Head of Hair--women's haircuts by brainstormer
    2 waiting... zypvashna
    3 THE BEST BLOG IN THE WORLD by mazaredo
    4 Heel pain: Stanley Zawada WHITESTONEPODIATRY.COM drffc
    5 Why did you made me feel this way by hate
    6 bipolar,mania by cybaclick
    7 Another Celebrity Sex Scandal With A Twist! by hairyLGS
    8 What's Hot--Hot Pics by brainstormer
    9 (Japanese characters) by dspc
    10 Practice Preemie Fair Isle Hat by steviesknitncrochet

For those of us who are concerned with monetizing our blogs, Thoughts.com isn't like Blogger, as it doesn't appear to offer any revenue sharing or ability to use affiliate links or Adsense ads. But there is the added ability of social networking by adding friends and participating in community forums. As stated in the Thoughts.com "Create a Blog" area, you instantly gain an audience when you sign up for your free blog there. It would serve as a great cross-promotional or marketing strategy to maybe keep a separate "daily journal" style blog there. You could add a bit of info about your other monetized blog somewhere on an entry or maybe on your Thoughts.com profile. As you can see in the 10 popular posts above someone has smartly listed out a website name in their user name field in order to promote their website more.

So Thoughts.com will provide you with yet another viable option for free blogging and promotion. While you don't make money, there is one prize offered monthly at Thoughts.com. Each month a random member wins 6 months of free Netflix which is a great way to spend time after blogging, catching up on all the latest DVD releases.

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