$7.49 Domain Names!

If you want to add that professional look to your free-hosted blog site then you should seriously consider adding a domain name (www.yourblogname.com). I was reading the blog of Scott Fox over at Amazon.com. Scott is author of Internet Riches: The Simple Money-making Secrets of Online Millionaires. On his blog he mentioned InternetMillionaireDomains.com (yea it's a mouthful!) Currently at their site they offer a rock bottom deal: domain names for $7.49. This is about $2.50 cheaper than Go Daddy and many other sites selling domains. They aren't just $7.49 for one year either, you can get that deal for up to 10 years!

At GoDaddy.com where I've purchased domains before, you can get domains to start for $1.99, but only if you also purchase another product, like hosting. But after your first year, you'll pay the going rate for your domain which is closer to $10 for each year.

The $7.49 domain also includes FREE STUFF:

    Online Photo Filer
    Personalized Email Account
    Web Site Builder
    Starter Web Page
    Domain Forwarding
    100-Pack Email Forwarding
    Total DNS Control

Take advantage of the $7.49 domain deal while you can, it's unknown how long this will last!

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