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Although The Monetizer is signed up with Smorty's blog program for some other blogs, it's not something I've implemented much, here or there. However, I received this interesting email announcement from the folks at Smorty today regarding a new contextual advertising program you might want to add into your website and blogging mix:

Dear Smortians,

We have an exciting new feature! Digxa Mini Stores.

Publish contexual click through advertising on your blog with Digxa Mini Stores. This customizable solution allows you to place both standard and pop up product banners from related words within your posts. For example, the words "mobile phone" may generate a visible link that pops open a banner advertising a "mobile phone" if the visitor places their mouse over it. If this product is clicked on, you will receive a commission ranging up to $0.60.

A few things noted in their FAQ section:

- You can register up to 10 blogs for your account.

- Editing the code is a no-no and will get your banners removed permanently.

- It's ok to use Digxa Mini Store with other forms of advertising, like Adsense.

- You can choose the number of links displayed in your posts, 0-10.

- Payments are only made to valid Paypal accounts, 15th of the following month (after you've earned)

- Wordpress or Blogspot hosted blogs can't use Digxa Mini Stores code at this time. You will need to have your own server hosting the blog to use the code.

So there you have it, seems very similar to Kontera and other contextual ad programs. Smorty also offers paid blogging opportunities and a referral program as well. So if you're not a "Smortian" publisher yet, head over to Smorty.com and get signed up!


uriel said...

how can I join and what are the details? I am very much interested

uriel anderson

The Monetizer said...

Hi Uriel, thanks for stopping by...

To join simply head over to Smorty.com and you'll see the sign up button, can't miss it :)

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