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The LinkShare.com affiliate program is a recent favorite of the Monetizer. It provides such a variety of companies that there's bound to be one available for your specific blog or website. Categories of affiliate companies range from Family/Kids to Computers, Financial Services and Food/Beverage. So no matter what you're blogging about at the moment, there's bound to be an appropriate program you can add into the moneymaking mix.

Here's several of the benefits of the Linkshare affiliate program:

1 - Huge variety of affiliate programs - Everyone from Apple to Apple iTunes to Walmart and Dell is part of Linkshare. You're very likely to find at least a few programs with products you can promote on your website or blog. Another great example is the Kayak.com affiliate, which could be great on a travel website or blog since they offer all sorts of Travel Deals. Each program has specifics on what they pay you for, as some pay for leads and others pay a percentage to you for people's actions or purchases. There's actually a separate "Lead Advantage" program you can join to promote lead-based affiliate programs. These are the programs that just want you to refer people to their sites , and at times they can be easier money made!

2 - Easy to implement codes - You simply log in and then select the "Create Links" tab on your account dashboard. This will take you to a list of all programs you currently belong to and were accepted into. You click on the company's name and it will take you to their Linkshare page. For example with the iTunes program you can implement text/HTML or email code, banners, and even an RSS for the latest hot-selling songs. For a music blog or site this is a dream come true, if you have a good amount of traffic.

3 - Set your own minimum payout - You can receive a commission check for any amount you choose, with the minimum at just $1. It always feels better to know you've earned something for all your efforts, and Linkshare told me via email that payments are mailed once a week. So this could provide you yet another quick way to earn online. Set it at $5, $10, $25, $100...it's all up to you and when you'd like to have them "show you the money".

4 - Updated programs & offers - Many of the affiliates will send friendly emails to let you know they have new promotions you might benefit from. For example, there may be a new batch of TV and movie downloads at iTunes or a new credit card deal with an affiliate company. They take good care of you to let you know as soon as possible, so you can use the new campaigns on your site.

I think just about anyone will get accepted into LinkShare.com, which means you can use it right away. Your blog can be a week old, hosted on Blogspot and getting low traffic and you most likely will be accepted by Linkshare.com. Keep in mind you will need to apply to their various companies such as iTunes, WalMart or whoever you'd like to use on your blog or site. Some companies accept right away, while others will have stricter requirements for who they accept (based on traffic, Pagerank, age of site, etc).

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Linkshare also sports a brand new and improved account interface, which works quite well on Windows XP and Firefox. It also provides a much better reporting layout, because the older version still seems to have "2005" as the latest date you can look at for payments.

Signing up for LinkShare.com is free and easy. You'll be asked for the usual specifics such as Name, address, phone, SS #, info about your site and marketing/sales campaigns, as well as some info for the W-2 so you can get payed. Also, be sure to select that you're signing up as "Publisher" not Advertiser, unless you want to sell your own products you have on Linkshare.

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