My 1st DealDotCom Deal

The Monetizer was recently keeping an eye on "DealDotCom" just waiting for them to offer me a deal for relatively cheap, such as $5 and under. Mainly I wanted to see how good the deals are, and if it had the resell option, I figure it could more than pay for itself. The deal I purchased just yesterday evening was a $4 e-book about how to use forums for generating traffic. A basic concept, but I figured if it had at least one valuable nugget of wisdom, it'd more than pay for its cost. If nothing else, it did have that re-sell option and I could turn to eBay or elsewhere to make back the purchase money.

Nothing against DealDotCom, but I was a bit disappointed by the "deal". It was a 16 page e-book (PDF) which had a lot of already known info. It's a good reference for newbies to the game of getting traffic to their blog or site, but if you've been at this a while it doesn't give much. At this point, it'd be hard for The Monetizer to re-sell because it's not a product I would truly believe in. I also recently learned on another site that eBay has banned sales of eBooks on its site as well as domain name sales. Anyone heard this or to the contrary?

On the flipside, I do agree that forums are a great way to get traffic to your site and make money. Participating in the right forums can build up new readers for your blog, as well as provide valuable backlinks (from your signature) pointing to a keyword phrase you want to rank high for in Google.

Are you an active participant of forums within your niche?

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