Using RSS to Get Deep Links

Every now and then I get inspired to work a bit on my Squidoo lenses and update them. As you may or may not know, The Monetizer is a huge fan of Squidoo because it's yet another free to use, free-hosted web real estate you can set up to make money. It can be a great passive source of income if you put in the groundwork. Squidoo is also invaluable in terms of promotion of your blog, affiliate links, referral links and much, much more.

While I was poking around Squidoo I came across a great leans which discusses using RSS feeds to gain deep links back to your Squidoo lenses. Of course, you can take this logic and also apply it to your own blog or website with its RSS feed. If you've burned the feed on Feedburner or another RSS site, you can start submitting to RSS directories and adding your feed to several other places.

If you have 1 blog or multiple blogs, consider setting up Hub Pages, Squidoo pages and even a Quarter Wiki page or two if you can afford it (they cost just a quarter a piece, you have to buy a minimum of 4). Facebook also allows for integration of RSS feeds into your profile. These are at least 4 places you can stick your RSS feeds in addition to submitting it to the various RSS directory sites. The great thing is that all the blog entry titles you have are part of your feed and these link back to your blog, as does your blog title. So the more places you submit the RSS feed(s) to, the better it will be for your blog in the long run!

Check out "How to Get Deep Link with RSS Feeds" and use it for your own blog promotion. There's some great tools, websites and advice discussed there!

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