To Blog or Not to Blog about MMO?

To Blog or Not to Blog about Making Money Online? That is the question...

The Monetizer continues to see differing opinions about the whole MMO niche and whether it needs anyone else to speak on it. There are those who will tell you it's a lousy niche to be in, because competition is high and there's thousands of MMO blogs already. They'll tell you that there's no room for growth and no reason to be talking about such a crowded blog topic. They'll convince you to give up on blogging in the niche before you've even given it a second thought!

The Monetizer tends to take a more optimistic and opposite opinion. While the niche may be crowded, there's millions of internet users with more added daily. To think that these internet users immediately flock to John Chow, Shoemoney, Darren Rowse or the other big names is preposterous. If you play your cards right, you'll be able to build your own audience.

Playing your cards right means 2 things:

1)Bringing something new to the MMO niche - Put your own very, very unique spin on Making Money Online. New ideas will attract a new type of audience. Remember there's plenty of internet users to attract, so target unique audiences. (example: an MMO blog devoted to senior citizens might be one way to go) Currently, there's MMO blogs devoted to people trying to get out of debt, MMO blogs for kids, and MMO blogs for newbies. Consider an untapped audience for your new ideas in making money online.

2)Establishing good SEO early on - This can be the toughest aspect of MMO due to competition. You'll need to find ways to really compete with the major players in order to attract your own audience. Consider going after money making terms that the others aren't looking at. There's plenty of internet users who love money making survey and offer sites, so that's just one aspect to consider for search engine positioning.

This blog post is mostly food for thought and hopefully inspiration to not give up on a niche before you even try. There's no reason to fear the MMO niche if you feel you've got plenty to say about it, and can bring your own unique perspectives. It will take many parts hard work along with creativity to get yourself noticed, but the end results are well worth it!

No matter what your blog topic, the Monetizer agrees on one thing. It should be something you have a good feel for and won't get bored with. A lot of MMO blogs tend to copycat the rest and eventually suffer from blogger's burnout. If you wisely choose a subject you really have a passion for, you're less likely to fade into the blogosphere, and more likely to establish an audience who can make you money!

(Note: You may have also noticed a less frequent posting rate here at the Monetizer blog. Due to some recent issues, posting won't be daily here, but still expect more of the same great Monetizer rants, content and info about Making Money Online!)

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