Is There a Formula for Success?

Many books have been written upon the topic of "Success" and just what it takes to achieve it. Everyone from philosophers to authors to presidents and athletes have published their own take on "what it takes". But there seems to be some recurring themes going on amongst all the works that people can take away and perhaps translate to their own success.

1 - Have a vision - Whether it be creating your own successful business, making a certain sports team, graduating college, getting the perfect job, dating a supermodel or whatever, the goal must be clear and in mind. Without a goal, what are you really working to be successful at? Make sure to define the goal, even write it down and keep it around in sight.

2 - Use visualization techniques - Athletes, businessmen and many others who have achieved success seem to use this technique alot. It's the idea of taking that vision or goal from step 1 and seeing yourself as "already there". Believe you've achieved it already and imagine how you feel, what it looks like. This makes movement towards that goal even more easier because it's fixed in your mind.

3 - Stay positive - Keeping the right mental attitude is the absolute key to success in life. While some try to argue that "oh he's just lucky" or "all millionaires inherited their money", the real key is that people who make it are those who keep a positive mindframe. You have to learn to bend with adversity and overcome it. Learn from it, and you'll continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Stay positive at all times as you work towards your vision.

4 - Be a constant learner - Constant learning is also essential to your success. Whether it means continuing to read blogs about making money, or devoting an hour a day to reading success and personal development books, you've got to continue to expand your ideas. Reading is probably the best way to do this, but a lot of success books also suggest the idea of finding a mentor to guide you towards your vision.

5 - Be a giver - Successful people learn that giving back is probably the greatest benefit of their success. It's not the money or the toys you buy, or the home you live in, but more so the ability to help out others. It's a satisfying end to all that hard work of achieving your vision.

Now these above principles are 5 very simple techniques to guide yourselves down the paths of success. The Monetizer never purports to be the guru or all knowing source on success, but believes these 5 concepts continue to show up in much of the literature written on the subject. You can find more within various books, but the 5 above seem to be the most common and widely used practices. Start applying them today and see yourself soar!

Feel free to add your own ideas below of the principles necessary to achieve success.

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Shane said...

I've been trying to come up with my own, and my list is very similar to yours. Great article, thanks for your insight!

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