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If you're in the money making business world offline, you may be required to wear professional attire daily to your job. Suits can always be a challenge, as you want them to look great, fit properly, yet still be affordable. A helpful website known as MySuitNY.com provides Made to Measure suits in about 2 weeks time starting at just $495.00! This is a great way to get an upscale look to your business or personal wardrobe. I recently toured the My.Suit Experience on their website to check out their services. I personally prefer charcoal gray suits with 2 or 3 buttons, that work well in many occasions, and have a lightweight fabric. Judging by MySuit's website experience, it would be very easy to get a made-to-order suit that would fit me properly and work well in many seasons or situations.

MySuit is a company which is global and has over 40 years experience in retail and manufacturing. It also lays claim to being one of the largest suit makers in the world. They're able to price suits affordably due to direct selling to customers, and also because of on demand productions. There's 3 easy steps involved in getting a suit made to your specific measurements with MySuit. There's measuring, styling and fabric selection. A consultant guides individuals through these steps to ensure complete comfortability with the overall MySuit experience and final product. For measuring, the consultant uses a "Gauge Suit" after determining your specific body type. The gauge suit allows for your particular body type, posture and stance to help find the most accurate specs for your suit. The consultant will take about 30 measurements total, providing a true made-to-measure suit, versus the 3 measurements you get from "off the rack" suits (waist, suit size, inseam).

Next you'll move on to step 2, deciding on styling for your suit request. The two basic choices you'll have are jacket type (buttons) and pant type (flat-front or pleated). The consultant will help you personalize your selection with additional details and style elements such as lapels, pockets, vents and sleeve buttons. Then you're on to step 3, selection of the fabric type to be used. The consultant will help you determine the fabric weight, color/pattern and most importantly whether the suit will be for social or business occasions.

It appears to be quite a pain-free process to get a made-to-measure suit created by MySuit. You can schedule an appointment with no purchase necessary just to get your proper suit measurements done. The MySuit website allows for customers to set up appointments for the New York store, which is located on 1270 Broadway (@33rd Street) in NYC. Hours are Monday to Friday 10AM to 8PM, Saturday 10AM to 7PM and Sunday 12PM to 6PM.

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