Buy.com's Free Domain Name Deal

The online retailer Buy.com
is currently offering customers a free domain name from GoDaddy.com with any purchase made at Buy.com. Once you've made your purchase and checked off the GoDaddy checkbox on their banner, you'll be emailed a redemption code for a free domain name within 48 hours after your order. So if you've wanted to test out or start aging a new domain name for your blog or website over the next year and don't want to spend too much, this is quite the deal. Of course you will have to spend some money, but you can find a few items at Buy.com that are under $10 with free shipping. You may even have been eyeing a certain electronics item that can be found at Buy.com. Now's your chance to buy it and also get a domain name to start aging it for Google and other search engines!

One example of an under $10 product with free shipping is these snazzy looking iFrogz headphones. Pick em' up for yourself, as a gift, or shop them off on eBay if you can!

Or if you're a DVD Sci-Fi/action movie fan, The Matrix 4 Film Favorite collection is $10.95 with free shipping. You'll not only get the movies but a new domain name for yourself. Shop around the site though as they have all sorts of goodies from music to DVD's, computer equipment, books and video games.

The GoDaddy/Buy.com free domain offer will expire April 1, 2009. Makes sure you check off the checkbox on the GoDaddy banner for a free domain when you're confirming your purchase. Follow this link for more instructions on Buy.com & GoDaddy's free domain name deal or visit Buy.com

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