Plentyoffish.com Login Issue - Poor Customer Service?

plenty of fish com login issue
(Firefox displays that Plentyoffish.com server is down)

You've more than likely heard the story of successful internet entrepreneur Markus Frind. He's the brains behind a completely free dating site, Plentyoffish.com (down as of 5PM EST 6/8/09). The website operates as Markus' one man project, although he has admitted to hiring a staff of 6 or so to help out in a small office. He's made as much as 10 million dollars per year with his free dating site, just by running Google Adsense ads, banners and various affiliate ads such as an ad for "Double Your Dating", a $40 downloadable book. And the most surprising aspect of them all (or envy-inspiring) is he claims to work just a few hours a day, 10 hours a week and earns millions of dollars.

Markus find programmed and created Plenty of Fish all on his own, which in and of itself is amazing. Not that the site is beautiful, but it certainly became useful and profitable for what it is. Recently, Markus noted on his May 1, 2009 blog that he hired a programmer to start working on his site, which seemed revolutionary for this one-man internet million dollar business. Many people had called Markus a bit arrogant and nonchalant when it came to customer issues with the site, as he seemed to think it was always fine how it was and things that many users reported as issues, he saw as insignificant. For example, user pictures of themselves were distorted on certain pages because the programming wasn't done to fix the issue. As of today June 8, 2009 (6/8/09), it seems that the website is down. A plentyoffish.com login issue has arose and when you enter the site's address www.plentyoffish.com into your web browser, you're left hanging. This is something that happens with all sites, big and small. The difference here seems to be in the fact that there's no word of warning given to anyone about what the issue is with Plenty of Fish. A site like Google will at least inform members that the site is going to be down, or a splash page tells them that the site is currently under construction.

A few lessons can be learned from the Plenty of Fish login problems. Number one, you can become a millionaire off Google Adsense by creating a valuable, highly-trafficked internet property. Number two, that property should be run as a business with customers ranking first. It's the customers who drive a site like plentyoffish.com to be as successful as it is. Unfortunately for the head honcho, when a site is down that generates $10,000 a day, it's definitely losing income and potentially losing its members.

Read From 10 Hours a Week, $10 Million a Year at New York Times for more on Plenty of Fish and Markus Find.

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Luella said...

Ain't gonna lose this "customer." I *need* POF right now. It's my only way of communicating with the awesome new friend I made!!! Well, technically, we have IM and cell, but our hours aren't matching up right now.

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