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AuctionAds is yet another free to sign up for and use way to monetize your blog or website. It's worth implementing in that it provides Ebay advertisements relevant to your blog or site's material. For example, if you are blogging about digital cameras and photography, then you can set AuctionAds to display ads based on those keywords, "digital camera" and/or "photography". You are able to enter the keywords you feel best fit your site topic and material and AuctionAds will generate the ads from there. It's highly customizable as well, so that you can make the ads look very professional and match your site.

auction ads

AuctionAds allows you to customize the look of the ads, giving choice of colors of the links, backgrounds and even the borders. You choose appropriate sized ads for your blog, depending where you want to show them. The ad size choices are very similar to those of Google Adsense. Then, if one of your site's visitors clicks on an Auction Ad listing and take an action on eBay you earn cash. Actions are defined as a Winning Bid, a Buy-it-Now or a confirmed user registration. That gives 3 ways to earn some money with your blog or site! Best of all, it's free to signup for and use, and there's no strict requirements to get into the program. You're basically instantly approved.

The beautiful thing about AuctionAds right now is that they start all new accounts with $25 just for signing up! Since the payout threshold is $50, you'll already be halfway on your way to earning another check from your blog!

Other benefits of AuctionAds are:

- PayPal payments on the 1st of the month (after hitting your $50 threshold)
- ability to display as many ads on your blogs/sites as you want,
- use AuctionAds on any or all of your sites.
- an affiliate program that allows you to refer others to the program, and then earn a 5% cut on their commissions for 6 months time.

It's a great idea to give AuctionAds a chance on your website or blog as yet another way to monetize. It's also a logical next step for adding another easy revenue source after Google Adsense. Best of all, you're approved instantly and make $25 just for signing up!

Sign up for your free AuctionAds account and get an instant $25!

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