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One of the most important aspects in making money off any site is getting a good amount of traffic. If you're blogging, you want to build a good audience, who will return to check out more of what you have to offer. Doing this isn't always easy, especially in the early going. However, a new widget from BlogRush can definitely be of some help.

The widget you see a picture of on the left (actual Widget is in Monetizer's lower left column) is the BlogRush widget. As you can see it displays 5 headlines, and these come from other blogs. So why would you want to display other blog headlines?

Very simply explained, every unique page impression (view) that your blog/site gets, translates to a headline from your blog being shown on this widget on someone else's blog! Lost yet? Registering at BlogRush is free, you simply enter your blog's URL and your RSS feed URL. BlogRush then gives you a small bit of code. Insert that code into your sidebar where you want the widget to appear, and from there sit back and allow it to do its work.

Now, the Monetizer does not guarantee results or success, but the biggest and best bloggers in the business are already using this widget right now (John Chow, Darren Rowse, DoshDosh). So why shouldn't you give it a try? If your headline happened to appear on a well visited blog at the right time, with the right headline you could grab some visitors! The chance at grabbing at least a few new visitors and readers makes sense. BlogRush also provides you with a dashboard at their site that shows stats, so that you can measure how well it works or doesn't work for you.

Here's an example of one metric from your BlogRush dashboard, it shows your number of "credits" earned. Basically that is how many times BlogRush will show a headline from one of your blogs on its widget on someone else's blog. As you can see below, this will give 1,500 headlines shown randomly on other people's blogs.

You can register as many blogs as you'd like on the site as well, but make sure to choose your categories for them wisely. The advantage to this, is you may have one blog already getting a lot of visits and want to earn credits that will help a newer blog you have out. Makes sense to add both blogs to BlogRush and see how it goes. Another important key, is to create titles for your blog entries that will capture someone's attention, making them click to check out your entry.

So head over to BlogRush and pick up this widget now. It's free and can help improve the traffic to your site! More traffic = more readers, fans and subscribers which ultimately = more money!

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