Adsense Videos & The News Room

Two new interesting developments in video advertising to discuss today. First up is Google and the introduction of Adsense into YouTube videos.

When you log into your Google Adsense account now and go to the "Adsense setup" tab you'' now see the Adsense video choice. In order to use this feature you will need to have a YouTube account set up. If you don't already, when you click on Adsense Videos choice it will bring you straight their to create a free YouTube account/profile. After that's set up, you'll need to enter a few brief pieces of Adsense info (Publisher ID, your name, zip, etc).

Once you have merged Adsense and YouTube accounts, you'll be able to create your video player. One Adsense video player is allowed per web page. You get the choice of 9 color schemes and 3 different size players raning from small, to gigantic. Adsense ads display above and below the player itself. You're also able to choose categories for the videos to display on your site or type in your own keywords to help Google match videos to your content. John Chow has a helpful video on his blog describing the process to integrate and add Adsense videos to your site.

Note: Some Adsense account owners have noted they don't have the Videos option on their account at this time.

The News Room

Another new money maker that Monetizer learned about over at courtneytuttle.com is Voxant Newsroom, a resource for website publishers who want to embed quality, licensed news content on their sites. The News Room is free for site owners and bloggers to sign up for and use. The premise of this program is that you embed news stories that you choose to display on your blog or site. News Room will then pay you for every 1000 page views your embedded item gets. Videos embedded in your page pay $4, and text stories can pay $1 or $2 (per 1000 page impressions). This seems like it could have some good potential. Upon checking it out though Monetizer immediately noticed its lack of the ability to customize the color schemes on your embedded material. Right now it only offers the standard white background colors, which would stick out like a sore thumb on sites using other color backgrounds. Nonetheless, check The News Room out for another way to add income to your site.

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