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The Monetizer is going to start giving more and more praise to a recently discovered site by Courtney Tuttle all about Internet Marketing, SEO, blogging and Making Money Online. A post of hers from a few months ago contains this great list of blog sites where you can leave a comment and your URL link will be an active link. Why is this important? Because the more other sites you have linking back to your blog can help things such as your Technorati ranking and possibly your Google/Search engine ranking.

When commenting on blogs, remember for the comment name field to use your blog's unique keyword name or title, not just your own name. For example "Digital Photos Made Great by Ralph" or "Best SEO on the Internet" or whatever keyword/title you are trying to get search engine love with. In the URL field, simply use your blog's URL link (for this blog it is: "http://themonetizer.blogspot.com") You can also use a link from an older post or relevant post you've done to the blog your commenting on's entry. This is the concept of using "deep links" back to your blog. More on that another time, for now a look at the latest strategies being employed and consider by The Monetizer.

The Monetizer's Current Tasks

- Continuing to add 10-15 MyBlogLog friends daily (15 is the limit). The thought process here is building up big networks for your blog or site. On MyBlogLog you can add members who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer and who may see your little picture and swing by your blog.

- Continue to network on Squidoo, commenting relevant and non-relevant Squidoo lens pages. (note: Create yourself a free Squidoo for your blog or site today, it makes a lot of sense and possibly some money)

- Occasional adding of Myspace friends to the Monetizer Myspace Page. The page currently lacks the flashyness the Monetizer would like, but it does the trick of attracting people to the Squidoo page, which does two "tricks" (1 attracts people to this blog, 2 possibly makes revenue or referrals).

- Checking in with BlogRush to see if it's new dashboard is operational. The claim is they are unveiling some great new reporting features in the next week.

- Added the new task of looking at Courtney Tuttle's "D-List" and trying to comment respectfully and intelligently on blogs from that list. The concept here is link love back to Monetizer but may want to hold back a bit on it due to the lack of a web hosted domain name right now. If you have a hosted blog right now on your own payed for domain, might consider giving this a try and see how it helps your Technorati and other rankings.

As you can see the above list might seem like not much, but it takes a little extra work and takes time from other things. Definitely don't want to overdo things with other projects going on as well and the lack of a true domain name hosted somewhere. Remember you have to keep things in perspective, don't go gung ho building up links to a free hosted blog, then lose out on all your efforts when you decide to get your own hosted domain name.

The Monetizer's To Do List:

- Get a domain name. This will be on the Monetizer's list until the best deal can be discovered as far as hosting. There's plenty of choices out there with various storage amounts, and bells and whistles. Monetizer works with Go Daddy on other ventures but wants to explore other hosts a bit more.

- Get approved by PayPerPost. Waiting period for a new blog is 90 days or 3 months. Monetizer removed this blog from their consideration for now and added another just for kicks. That blog meets the 90 day existence requirement and possibly the traffic ranks. There is an automatic first post you can do just to rave about PayPerPost's program and it pays you a nice $20 to your Pay Pal. That could even purchase the domain name ;)

- Get approved for Text Link Ads. This most likely comes with a domain and getting things going with SEO and link love/Technorati rank.

- Tweak and Revamp Blog design. This is always on the Monetizer's mind, because there are some pretty flashy and cool designs out there these days. The idea is to try to bring it all together, great color, style, content, navigation and of course the money makers. Depending on money made, this may go to a payed service or Monetizer may dedicate himself to it.

These are the priorities Monetizer is considering while always striving to learn new ideas, tactics and ways to make money online. You may decide to make yourself a similar checklist of what you are currently doing to get your blog going or more popular as well as what steps you can take to make it even better.

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