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EntreCard.com "Drop Yours" is the motto for EntreCard, the new blogging business card endeavor launched by Graham Langdom. Graham's also responsible for the Million Dollar Wiki, which has sold about 1,050 pages. Now he brings this new idea to the blogosphere, which allows you to exchange your business card with other bloggers, build credits, charge people to advertise on your site and more. You earn credits by dropping off your EntreCard on participating blogs, or receiving cards on your own. The more cards you receive per day, the higher the "credit cost" to advertise on your blog.

The EntreCard website offers a very well done tutorial/informational video right on the front page which tells you all about how to use the site. It has a very futuristic feel to its presentation which is even cooler. It reminded me a bit of the hit Schwarzenegger movie "Total Recall" to be honest with you. Once you sign up, you can upload your 125x125 logo for your blog/business card. You put in your blog URL, title, description and choose the category that is best for your blog. Then you install some simple java code on your blog (currently there are 3 widget sizes to choose from) and presto! you're in business...ready to drop your card on blogs or receive cards from other blogs! There's a bunch more you can do with it, but the site does well to explain it all.

It's a novel idea and it was time for The Monetizer to jump on the bandwagon. Every new idea's worth a bit of a try just to see how well it does. BlogRush and WidgetBucks are two other ideas that I've been testing, so EntreCard will be added to the mix. Feel free to drop your card here so we can see how this goes! My EntreCard widget is located on the left sidebar down on the blog. (Note to self: Left sidebar is getting busy)

To sign up for yours, head over to Entrecard.com today. EntreCard - don't leave the blogosphere without it :)

(Update: As of today Monetizer has received a good early response using EntreCard and has bloggers advertising on here through 12/3/07! Feel free to drop your card off on the left side and network!)

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aksn1p3r said...

Ive dropped mine, everyone come drop their entrecard off!

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