Myspace to Facebook Migration

Monetizer had built up a rather sizable Myspace profile for another blog he authors. In doing so the traffic benefits, networking and pimp-ability of a Myspace profile were really helpful in building a good deal of traffic, PageRank and RSS subscribers on a well-performing monetized blog. However, Myspace seems to get stricter and stricter as time goes by. That dude Tom who wears the same white T-Shirt repeatedly doesn't seem to realize one important thing:

"The members of your website are the ones providing you with all the pages and traffic."

Now granted Myspace is a free site where you can set up a profile as some internet real estate. Some people even sell their profiles which have thousands of friends. But for some reason Tom and the "powers that be" of Myspace don't like people using links on their pages or in bulletins these days. They instituted a "mslinks" that transforms your links into these, sending clickers to where else? Myspace. Links will work on your personal Myspace blog entries though. It makes sense they want to cut down spam, but disabling links so heavily seems a bit too much. Additionally, you'd think Myspace would be taking notes from other sites that reward their members. Give incentives beyond just "get into a free Myspace concert if we invite you". How about a cut of the dividends that Google and other ads are paying Myspace? After all as previously mentioned your members are making all those pages for the ads to sit on and your members are driving viewers to the pages/ads.

Ok enough bashing of Myspace, hopefully they will wise up in the coming months. The main theme here is the idea of utilizing many social media platforms or networks in marketing your blog(s). Myspace could delete your profile at any time, ruining all the networking you've done. You can also get hacked their rather easily it seems, especially if your building a huge network of friends. Facebook seems to offer a nice safe haven, so the Monetizer is slowly building up a network of friends there now. It appears you can request maybe 50 people a day, then you get a "Slow down" message. I read somewhere you can only have 5,000 total friends there, but I'm unsure if this is really a rule. On Myspace you can have thousands or friends, or billions of friends if you're Tom.

Facebook offers you the ability to leave a message for all of your friends and then their friends will see it as well. That makes it a very powerful tool for grabbing traffic. You can also create groups and build networks there, or even make money via the Facebook flyers or Apps. So logically, Myspace better be taking serious notes and re-vamping their concept, or Facebook is gonna steal their thunder..

I've also discovered this new blog, which claims it will teach you how to make money on Facebook, so I'm anxious to read the new ideas.

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